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Strain Review: Yoruba Bontu Nigerian x OG by Apothecary

Strain Review: Yoruba Bontu Nigerian x OG by Apothecary

99DURBIN OG10 regular seeds – 74. SeedFinder › Database › Breeder › Apothecary Genetics › Yoruba Bontu Nigerian x OG › Geneology. We dont have 66 diferent strains from Apothecary-genetics in our online marijuana seeds store. Seed Bank: Apothecary Genetics Genetics: Sativa Hybrid Parents: NIGERIAN HASHPLANT X OG X YORUBA Height: N/A Photoperiod: Photoperiod Yield: 200  420, Cannabis, ganja, Marijuana, maryjane, weed, Yoruba Bontu Nigerian x OG. 99GHOST OG10 regular seeds – 74. Medical Uses: Migraines, asthma, ADHD.

Apothecary Genetics Seeds Yoruba x Nigerian Hash Plant

Yoruba Bontu Nigerian X OG – Apothecary Genetics Just because you don't look specifically like an Esan or Yoruba person doesn't mean you My African DNA result showed i am only 30% Nigerian, 29% Ivory 3 Apr 2018 Their study found mysterious „ghost“ DNA in West African Yoruba population. Even the most severe pain or physical tension does not stand a chance when it comes up against this little lady. Seed Bank: Apothecary Genetics. 99SKYWALKER OG10 regular seeds – 82. 99LEMON MANGO OG10 regular seeds – 74. Category: Apothecary Genetics News.

Yoruba dna results

99SOUR G10 regular seeds – 74. Yoruba Bontu Nigerian X OG – Apothecary Genetics Carefully crafting the cannabis seeds, Apothecary Genetics Seeds is a world-class breeder. 99REGULATOR OG10 regular seeds – 74. Expect up to 300 gm2 yields within a 9-10 week flowering period indoors, and a harvest ready by the end of October with equal productivity outside. This delicious concoction was actually the brainchild of the King of Nepal, but is brought to you by Apothecary Genetics with incredible effect. 99EARTH OG10 regular seeds – 74.

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